Vacation ends

I took five days off with plans of grandeur and high hopes. I spent the five days dealing with random and raucous, raw emotion with a dose of reality.

Fighting off the thoughts that this is not what I should be doing, I’ve begun to prioritize and study the things that I need to do. Take care of yourself. Yup everyone says this is supposed to be a priority. So I’ve caught up on my sleep, exercised, kept the house clean, done acne treatments and hair treatments and slathered lotion all over my skin. But I’m still sad.

I truly hope these feelings will drift away, and be replaced with something else. I’m feeling lost, sometimes stupid. My relationship with my youngest is struggling and I can feel it. I hope my decision doesn’t change her. She’s always been my sunshine, maybe it’s puberty but she’s pretty miserable and moody.

The holidays can be over … any time now.



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