Two becomes One


The amount of things that have to be done when two people who have lived together for 21 years decided to split is ALOT.  The bill name changes, the banking, the address changes, the utilities, the credit cards, the change of addresses with the school and all of the creditors.  The one thing though that I haven’t changed but really need to get on, are my passwords.  His name or a combination of it somehow is part of almost all of my passwords.  Every time I type it, I feel mildly irritated.  Logging in to this anonymous blog I had to type his name, I feel certain he is not struggling with the same thing.

Now to come up with new passwords when I have been using the old ones since the internet started. LOL This being said, I am starting to find myself and lose the version of me that I hated.  The guilt of feeling happy is definitely a thing, but it is subsiding.

My mom told me there is no way to know how I will feel in the future.  But I KNOW I will be happy.  I am already happier.


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