To unfriend or not to unfriend?


Ah social media.  I am truly envious of the people who do not use it.  Oftentimes, I put it away for a day or two and find out that holy shit…I may have an addiction.  But tell me please, what exactly is the addiction? Social media serves different purposes for different people.  Some are in it for the likes and comments, some are in it to see how big they can make their friends list.  Some use it for bad things like stalking people, some use it as a news source, ALOT of people use it passive aggressively to “spy” on people.  Me? I guess I have been a participant for all of the reasons listed here.

I like my FB first and foremost because I have been blessed to live all over this globe, and as someone once told me ..”You make a new best friend everywhere you go”.  I have friends overseas and in Canada as well as all over the USA.  Facebook allows me to watch my friends kids grow up, to celebrate with them in their time of joy, to offer our sympathies during sad times, to look at dogs and cats and memes and jokes….sentimental shit, sad shit etc etc etc.  I work third shift, guess what I look at a lot? It helps pass that time for sure.

Now I know how I react and feel about social media as well.  It is way more important to some than others.  I know many who just watch and never like or comment one thing.  Then there are the “passive agressives” who are your friends and like and comment on everything then BAM, just stops.  That person disappears off your feed (but probably is still ogling your page).  I have myself said to someone I love “go like my pic” yup, its like a earworm in your brain, one that you can’t quite scratch.

The question that runs through my mind is to unfriend or not.  A few years back, my HORRID sister in law blocked me and ordered her children to do the same, after I caught her texting my husband that I was a “cunt”.  If that was disappointing, his lack of attack back at her took the cake.  For four years, I have only been able to see my nieces and nephews pics or progress if someone else posted about it.  So in turn, I have missed a ton of events, not been able to send congrats or good luck or anything, because I am blocked because SHE is a cunt.

I have unfriended people for just being awful, because of political posts, because of racist or discriminatory posts.  Sometimes just because I realize they are a shitty person.  Then when you run in to them on the street it is awkward, and it shouldn’t be because 9 times out of 10, you had no interaction outside of social media to begin with. I have people on my FB like that now for goodness sakes.  People from a long time ago, a past I long buried, intermingled with the people I have come across during my many different careers and motherhood.  Mostly I will unfollow, which in essence makes you forget about that person all together.  Don’t believe me? try it.

I just unfriended someone who died.  They were not close to me, but I still feel guilty for doing that.  Mainly because I like a smaller number of friends on my FB so I do periodically shrink the list, but also because there were so many people offering sympathies that my feed was full for days. The dead cant exactly refriend me. So why does it bother me so much? What is this weird draw to social media, what happened to our communities being the places that people congregate, have a drink and fix what is broken.  This is the demise of America, the disappearance of community, everyone is fixed to a screen of all different sizes.

It is too bad that I am a pretty intelligent person but have to remind myself that looking at others through FB is a very biased view.  You see what they want you to, and hide a lot.  Look at me, I moved out over a month ago, no one on my FB can see that though!  Keep it real people ❤


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