gun-control-guns-dont-kill-people-5-638Everywhere you look online and on TV they are talking about the multiple shootings that have happened recently.  Outrage, heartbreak, and disgust are the best words to sum up the mood of our country as of late.  People crying out for change, people screaming about what ethnicity these shooters are, blah blah blah.

Sigh, if that sounded insensitive, I don’t care.  The violence in the country has … I literally just stopped to think there is not way to adequately describe what is going on here.  Except that we are killing each other ! No matter what laws are passed, no matter what reform is ordered, and certainly whether or not the NRA or other types of organizations exist, people wont stop fuckin killing each other.

It will not matter if we ban guns, people can get them, period. If there is a will, there is a way, and if someone’s goal is to kill a bunch of people, they will find a way, bombs, guns, fire, assaults, knives, endless resources to cause death.  The fact is our country is overpopulated, with limited resources for mental health issues.

All you can do is be vigilant, carry if you can / want to. Keep your eyes OPEN AND UP, and take care of one another. These tragedies will not soon end.


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