Shut your lying pie hole


Lie.  What a funny word.  It can mean you are at rest, it also can mean you are..a fucking liar.  My entire life, I have had people lie and be dishonest to me.  I would love to sit and list those people here, but I am bigger than that and will not.  It began when I was a child, both of my parents lied constantly to one another. How do you grow up like that and not become a liar?

Is it ok sometimes to lie? If so, then when? Is it ok to lie to spare someone’s feelings? What is ok to lie about; are white lies different than other lies? What is not ok?  You hear all the time people saying that they want to have interactions with “real people”.  This real people definition covers a broad scope of things.  Does it mean that you are always honest in your behaviors? Does it mean that you never lie? Or does it mean that you consistently behave in a certain type of manner, as in you are always the same personality.

If someone makes you a promise and breaks it, does that count as a lie?  There is such a broad definition.  I believe that people as a whole are flawed.  I believe people lie all the time, but I am also very much aware of the difference between telling a lie and being a liar.  Although I am typically very honest, I am struggling with some decisions that I need to make.  I feel dishonest a lot from holding back stuff that honestly needs to be said.  Am I losing myself in the middle of this drama that we call life?



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