Another musician dies


So we got the reports that Tom Petty had died, then we read the report that he didn’t die.. but he is gone.  Sadly, another amazingly talented and beloved rock star has passed.  It has been awhile since one passed via natural causes, as we have been bombarded this year with overdoses and suicides.  Tom Petty had an impact on me in my late teens and twenties.  I sang “Alright for now” to my daughters when I would rock them to sleep.  I fangirled over Johnny Depp in his video, I saw him play live and it was amazing.  He is truly one of the artists that I always end up saying “Oh, I forgot this song” because there are oh so many of them that have meant something to me.  I don’t necessarily believe in a “heaven” but if there is one, it must sound glorious ❤



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