College for Dummies


College for Dummies…

Now that my youngest is getting ready for the “C” word, I find myself really rooting for her success! She wants to be a teacher right now. I am sure she will change her mind a thousand times but I am proud of her no matter what her career.  If I had stayed with a few of the numerous careers I experienced I would be eligible to retire pretty soon. Ah but that is not what the universe intended.

So here are my thoughts…..first off, if I had advice to give any kid fresh out of high school it would be to not pressure yourself to decide wtf you want to do for the rest of your life at age 18. There are way too many options out there to subscribe yourself to a certain career too young.  Think of all the living you have left to do!

Secondly, what is the stigma attached to Community Colleges? I have had grown adults made ignorant comments about people who go to community college.  Is not the end result the same?  Let’s bang out an Associate’s Degree in our free time…I did it, I am proud of it.

Now my daughter would like to possibly do a quick 18 months at community college and get her associates. This was the advice that I gave her, because of all her existing college credit, the ease of transferring will expedite the degree.  People have said dumb shit to her about it, and I think it is funny because the local Community College has some of the most amazing views I have seen.  Ultimately it is just a piece of paper. Right?

Riddle me this? Why do universities not offer Associate’s degrees? Kids get so excited to go to college, but two years is quite a stint in 2017 people need to make money these days!  The two “dream colleges” that my daughter has are about 32K a year.  Wtf.  No way am I letting her get buried under student loan like me.  Nope!  Anyways, we will keep on trucking and applying for financial aid…..this is gonna be a long process.



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