The apple never falls far from the tree


Today while working visiting for the facility, and observing all of the visitors and inmates, my mind really started to work some overtime. While checking in the visitors, I had to deal with a mother of an offender (convicted-manslaughter) who was pissed off because she couldn’t wear a watch and zip up hoodie in to visitation.  That inmate has been here for over a year.  Her mother should not need reminding.  She certainly shouldn’t give me attitude, it isn’t my fault your daughter helped beat someone to death.  This mother is obviously caring for this inmate’s two kids, one looked about 8, the other about 4 years old.  The 4 year old boy was horrendous.  He would not listen to anything the grandparents were saying, and the look on the face of the grandparents said this: Fuck, I have to raise these kids because my daughter is an idiot. Yeh lady she is, but you still don’t have to be rude to ME, I am helping keep her safe.

There was another little boy about 6 or 7. These two boys together were a nightmare.  Once they entered the visiting room, they proceeded to not hang with their moms, but just fought with each other, running around, doing cartwheels, pulling toys out everywhere, hitting each other. Parent your kids in visiting please, I should not have to tell them to chill the fuck out.  I did not appreciate it at all.

The most disturbing thing about visitation today  was the fact that once I did have to tell the kids to go back to their mothers, the boys built 2 “guns” out of legos and proceeded to give me chills to the bone as they repeatedly pointed these “lego guns” at me making quiet shooting sounds with their mouths, shooting their daggers from their eyes.  What the fuck? I have worked with children my whole life, these two kids literally gave me chills.

So what do you think? Are these kids screwed? Are they destined to be like their moms? How about the parents raising their grand kids? Being the mom of two wonderful young ladies, I cannot imagine if I would have to take on the parenting role of any grandkids. How are these kids supposed to grow up and have semi normal lives? They are already familiar with weekly visits to jail… Look, I get that little boys play guns, but the looks in their eyes, the pointing the toys ONLY AT ME, was unsettling and nauseating.  All of us in LEO are beginning to realize that very few souls consider us decent human beings, and they are passing this on to the next generation.  It has never been more dangerous in our line of work than now.  Be vigilant, stay strong, and watch your six! I have yours.


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