Did you assume my gender??


One issue in jail nowadays is the “identifying issue”. In our state, you may “identify as a different gender” we have to use the corresponding acronym, “him” or “he”.  The inmate gets male portions in food, which is double what the other inmates get, and the male officers do not get that either.  We offer “chest binders”, different times to shower, lots of special rules. In this country where we are all complaining about who is using what bathroom, we have opposite genders in opposite jails, we have had a man in this female facility, and now we have a woman who said she was identifying as a man.  So here in lies the confusion:  Today this inmate told me he is a she again, the inmate told me she has decided to not do testosterone, that the inmate wants to have a baby now.  Last week the inmate told me that he was happy the state pays for his testosterone.  In other words, all the hard workers in the state are paying for it.  My god, it is almost like he / she is setting us up to fail at our jobs by flip flopping on the gender identification.  I won’t even mention about how this inmate has “hooked up” with MANY MANY WOMEN in here.  But don’t call the inmate the wrong thing, or you could get in a big pile of trouble!  I feel like this inmate is making it hard for us to keep him / her safe.  Flip flopping on your gender causes confusion for others too! The other inmates say on the outside he is just a she dating a he.  Jail is NOT The place to sort this shit out!!!



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