Things I heard in Jail Today

When I work the seg units I get the best material for this:

Have they called meds? what time are they calling meds? what unit are they on for meds? Have they started meds yet? CO my meds are kicking in.

CO can I get a flush, CO can I get some TP, CO can I get tampons

CO they didn’t give me a pillow, laundry bag, clothing (plus anything else you can think)

Well you’re the only one that does that. All the other COs say its ok

I’m not detoxing anymore, I am just cold.

I shouldn’t even be here right now.  My PO hates me.

I wasn’t even doing drugs that time!

My wife/husband/mom needs to put money on my books!

Someone needs to tell me why I am down here.  I need a request form, a pin sheet, a visiting sheet and a med slip. (each at a different time)


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