Jails, relationships & PREA


If I had to pick something that is extremely irritating to me personally, it is a lot of the changes that are happening in prisons to become “politically correct”.  Listen, I don’t care if you are LGBTQ, black, white, muslim I truly don’t give a fuck about any of those things. In my personal life, I have almost all of the above honestly, and I love them dearly.  But the trend now in prisons is the “identifying as (insert gender)”.  The first encounter I had with that was when an actual male penis entered my women’s facility in GP, identifying as a woman.  “She” was very inspirational to a lot of people.  I don’t know if that had ever happened before in my state, I know it was the first in my facility.  I heard (but cannot confirm) that this person racked up so many PREA incidents in the male facility, and then was severely assaulted and that it was no longer safe for “her” at that facility. I have an open mind and heart, and truly felt like a lot of change was going to happen.  She was super pleasant and funny.  Then after she left I was told by several of the women that the penis had been used on some women in our facility, they even gave me details of what hormone pills do to sperm.  All of it for trade and commissary money….Was it true, I have no idea…she is gone now but we have another situation….

We have an inmate that is in for sexual assault on a minor.  The inmate looks like a young child.  The inmate is rude, unruly, racks up disciplinary events, tries kissing ass of COs to get through “his” day.  That is right, this inmate identifies as a man.  This inmate is not attracted to men, “he” is attracted to females, and has probably slept with half of the women in the facility. I think it is bullshit because for the first few months “he” wasn’t even responding to the name that he gave to be called (which we honor).  He has asked to be pat search by male OR female.  We only allow females to pat search him.  He has requested men (double) portions at chow (which was approved-even though the male COs do not) he requested to be called him and we have to do it.  And he plays the victim very, very well.  Last night on shift, after separating him and another female, I caught them full force in to sex not even 15 minutes later, again. They were brought to the hole – administratively segregated, in cells with two other women who have a long history of the same kind of behavior, only they are gay not identifying as men.  Tonight when I went down there it was all smiles, not feeling punished or bad for what they  have done.  Almost beaming!

This kind of shit makes me nuts.  When this individual first arrived here, I did the typical, take under my wing, try and give good advice, compassionate CO routine.  And I got shit upon, although I was smart enough to see it happening and adjusted my style accordingly.  We give them too much, we bend rules that shouldn’t be bent to accommodate some of these “identifying” genders and roles.  If this individual was placed in a men’s prison like he identifies as, I am 100% positive that he would be identifying as a gay woman immediately, just like his friends from the outside say he does.  This person craves, needs and feeds off drama and attention.  We work in the units and see it, but admin does not, so there is nothing we can do, or it ends up being a political shit show.

My opinion on this? Place gender with gender.  Have a penis? Go to men.  Have a vagina? go to women.  If you want so bad to immerse yourself in a lifestyle of being a different gender, knock yourself out, but stay out of jail. There are so many fights in the women’s facility due to “relationships” and just when I think he is out of women to mess with, booking calls and sends another.  The notes I have read, the conversations I have heard, are just disgusting, something needs to change.  There are certain places where your identifying can be accommodated, but jail is not one of those places.  If this makes me seem like a heartless bitch, then so be it, but I will stand by this opinion, and continue to treat everyone the same, no matter what their identity is.

Stay safe out there officers, I got your six.




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