Here we go


So yesterday I returned to the job that I love, after four months out on comp.  The body is sore, the heart is full and the brain is already working overtime, and my body too…forced overtime, but I expected it ….

When I was anticipating my return to work, I went through a lot of different feelings.  Will I remember my job? Will my coworkers hate me now that I have been off? How will I be received?  My return was awesome.  Lots of welcome backs from my coworkers, and many we are happy you are back from inmates as well.  The women respect me because I respect them.

There were more new faces in officers than inmates, and it was strange sitting with a new crew I had never met, different ages, faces and backgrounds,  I have gotten good at spotting who is in it for the paycheck, and who will leave.  It is nice to see the eagerness in the new rookies, I remember having that.  When I read my reports from when I first started I was quite stern, I still can be, when it is necessary. I tried today to give some advice, which the rookie promptly ignored and spoke over me, I ended that conversation with “OK, you do you..but know that I am giving you good advice.  Whether he takes it or not..we will see.  Probably not if my prediction is correct.

In light of all the really extreme things going on in the world right now, I worry that some inmates might get those ideas, but I feel like it is more in the mens facilities.  The women do not unite and join together, they fight like cats and dogs, like teens.  I am very grateful for our ongoing trainings.  More people should take them seriously.  Everyone that works in LEO, watch your six.  Know that I also have yours.


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