The death toll

I’m struggling to organize my thoughts 💭 I have so many things to say.  For the first time ever, or at least the first time I can remember, my own mortality is on the forefront of my brain. Not in the oh I’m so scared of dying sort of way. In the oh I am so scared for my children way.

An Ariana Grande concert bomber. What? The target is little girls? Parents of little girls? What am I missing? Some fucking deranged piece of shit looked at all of the other terrorist acts and decided to up the pain. Let’s kill little girls. My literal worse nightmare is now on the news: watching girls crying, screaming, terrified, looking for parents. My absolute nightmare.

Tomorrow there will be some FB frame or whatever, some gofundmes will be posted. People will move forward, they’ll forget. Don’t forget. Because our nightmares, they’re here and they are real. Stay vigilant.

RIP my deepest condolences to Manchester.


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