Hurt at work

So it’s been awhile since I posted. There are a lot of reasons for this. The first being that I got hurt at work. On 2-16 when I should have been at my daughters cheer competition watching them win the division, I had been denied my day off and was working. I was also training a new cadet three days out of the academy.  An hour after we got there, we went to chow. When we got there we saw an inmate who was visibly irritated and kind of rambling as she cleaned tables. To make a super long story short, she wasn’t getting along with another inmate and the officer in charge who infamously is … ok I’m leaving that part out. Let’s just say that for the next four hours I tried to talk her out of beating up another girl; eventually she snapped and there  was a use of force as we made sure to keep the inmates safe. After she threw four chairs across the dayroom and made us chase her, we got her to the ground, on my shoulder. It took two of us to get her to the ground, it took 7 men and a restraint chair to get her out of the unit. Since I was training, the other officer had all of the equipment, and it was the second time in a week that an inmate had put me in that predicament. We only have handcuffs, a radio, keys and great big balls. I only had that last part. 

So what does this mean? Well I was rushed to the ER with two knees, elbows and a shoulder out of commission. She scratched me twice – I now have two scars. I have two tears in my shoulder, one is inoperable, I’ll know tomorrow what all of this means. For now it means I’m sitting at home with a full paycheck yet limited body. I hate it.

It has now been six weeks at home, I’ve finished all of my “home projects”. I’ve rearranged rooms, put up curtains, got my wisdom teeth pulled, went on vacation as we had planned. I got to attend State cheer competition, and chased down the eagle that lives locally now; in hopes to get the perfect picture.  Now I’m out of stuff to do, although I’ll find something. This was not my plan, you can’t go from 55 plus hours a week with a two hour a day commute to this. It hurts my head. Lol. 

Now I feel like a dick that I ever had an idea of aggravation at people out of work on comp. (although some DO abuse it) I want to be back at work. It took five weeks just to get an MRI on my shoulder approved! I’m too active for this. My body is showing the lack of exercise (πŸ˜‘).

At the end of the day, I have no negative feelings against the inmate that caused this. It is the risk of the job, and I know and acceept it. What I do have a problem with are the ignorant people who think that is a mandatory part of the job, or that we deserve it.

Two days ago, at my husband’s facility, a female case worker was trapped in her office and beaten by a grown male inmate who was in for child sex crimes. He beat her for a long time, until another person heard the noise and called for help, of course it was another brand new officer that had to make that call, after my dear friend heard it. When the news reported it, the comments underneath were disturbing and very ANTI – DOC. I cannot divulge the details of why it happened, it boiled down to him being told no, and he snapped. I got into this job to make a difference. My injury would have been much worse, if she had been trying to hurt me. She wasn’t. She has mental health issues and snapped that’s it. The man who assaulted the caseworker did it because he is a violent offender. It’s apples and oranges, but boils down to the same thing. Working in prison is dangerous, and for the most part, the public hates us. My heart is with the caseworker at home, who took mostly face shots from him. May those demons be silenced. She has ten years in, and is young and beautiful. I hope this won’t dim her shine, but we all know that it probably will. Stay strong πŸ’ͺ 


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