Jive Talkin


Almost every single day in jail, I hear at least one conversation that makes me roll my eyes so hard that they may someday stick up there.  There are SO many lies told in jail, on the phone, to the officers, to the other inmates.  Ridiculous.  Most of the time all of the conversations on the phone is someone asking for money “on my books” or “on my commissary”.  I have had so many different inmates come through my units that the lies range from “Oh sorry I was sleeping” (after not sleeping) to “Of course it is just me and you baby” (as they are trying to wife up in the units) They lie to me all the time, last night I had a woman ranting and raving about how it is not her fault that she is here. She also was talking about all the drugs she supposedly uses, and from listening to actual junkies, I know she is lying. The other addicts know she is lying.  Why lie about this shit? To get prison points? She says two men were fighting and got hurt and she was blamed, sound like bullshit? Yeh it does, and after meeting her father and boyfriend, I see that the idiots do not fall far from the tree.

The worst part about listening to and observing all of their bullshit is the passive aggressive comments, looks and other behaviors.  One of the most annoying part is the nasal voices that they use.  Off the top of my head I can think of five people who talk with this nasally squeaky voices that end with whining.  Almost all the time.  They are really good at whining. About everything.  Before I worked in a prison my idea of going to jail was completely different than what I am working in right now.  I imagined inmates lined up in matching orange uniforms with numbers on them.  I imagined they got bread and water (just kidding) I imagined that they would act humble, or defeated except for a few bullies.  I was dead wrong.

The majority of these women act entitled and behave like spoiled and insolent children.  I get that if you are being treated poorly that you have a complaint.  And yes I realize that prisoners have rights while incarcerated.  I mean the stories I have heard and watched on TV, and read in papers sound like there are prisons that are super strict and unpleasant, places where they are actually prisoners instead of a group of offenders that we are supposed to sing Koombuya with while we hold their hands and give them hugs.  I can say with all honesty that the people in this jail are safe.  We do not have any dishonorable officers in here harassing them, and I can only think of one officer who is a real tool, but he still remains professional.

They can file grievances against just about everything.  They grieve the food, the meds, the nurses, the heat, the officers, their room mates, their time allowed for REC, the temp of the toilet seat,  if you name it, they can file a grievance for it, and they most certainly do.  The DOC was built on paper, and it has not stopped.  There are so few inmates in here who will not every stay out.  Almost all of them come back.  Why wouldn’t they? If they are junkies we will give them meds, we give them all of the meds they need even if they are not junkies, although they complain that we do not, and “medical sucks”.  They call medical to get their fingernails cut, they call medical for tummy aches.  Then complain that medical doesn’t have the time to deal with them; well let me tell you why..it is because they are too fucking busy trying to weed through the bullshit and fake medical complaints.  We feed them, give them a room, clothes to wear, and all of it is never enough.  It is never their fault, the COs are to blame for everything (of course we are; we were actively involved in their drug use…OBVIOUSLY…smh) If we got rid of the “special meds” (methadone, suboxen, bupe,) then they would NOT come back.  They have no reason to leave, they have all the reasons to come back, I think it is a vacation for them, some of them actually say that it is.

Then when they leave, they are leaving with all of the paperwork to file to get disability.  They are leaving with a handful of Narcan, and papers for their methadone clinics (some inmates drive an hour and a half to get dosed with methadone, then drive on home, so how are they expected to work? Gosh, all of these mean people like me that do not pity their self inflected “disease” of addiction. I see so many people ruining so many others life with these choices, that I can not, I refuse to throw pity that way.  I was on pain killers for almost 8 years for severe abdominal issues, and when doc said no more, i never thought about going to go find heroin. EVER.  Rant over


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