Gluten, Sugar, Wheat, Veggie Free


One of the most aggravating subjects at my prison is the diets.  It is SHOCKING how many women require a “special diet”.  These women who wouldn’t blink at snorting something through a dirty dollar, or sticking a dirty needle in their arms REQUIRE special food.  It drives me fucking crazy.  Listening to them complain about their diets is absolutely unnerving.  Reading their complaints about it makes me shake my head. They demand gluten free, then order a bunch of junk food on commissary, all non gluten free items.  Vegan diet in jail? Come on, who is paying for this? We even offer a diet where we cut up your food for you.  Then they all complain they got fat at jail, when really, it was them just eating the way that you were meant to, instead of running around high for days.

Something else that I don’t feel belongs in our prison are the “Special Meds” these people come in as addicts knowing that they can get free suboxone, methadone, or whatever other maintenance med that they give to the addicts.  It frequently is the first thing asked for when the get here.  “I am getting my dose today right?” is a phrase heard frequently, sometimes before the “Where is my phone call?”phrase.

When they come in with drugs and we find them, they don’t get their “maintenance meds” Then they detox and guess what, they don’t die.  Sometimes, my work feels like a detox.  Most of the time actually, they are always swapping drugs and getting high, they will pound nutmeg, and smoke tea bags, they snort Tylenol, Aleve and Seroquil.  It makes no sense to me, I get it, it doesn’t make sense because I am not an addict.  But that is their excuse for almost all behavior problems.  “I am an addict” Who would have known that we could do all kinds of bad shit and then just sweep it under the “I am just an addict” comment.  It is nuts.  Stop being a fucking addict.  They say to me “It is a disease” It is a disease that you choose to receive.  No one rubbed up on you and you caught it, it is all by choice.  It isn’t cancer, it is YOUR CHOICE to do drugs, if you get hooked that isn’t on me.  It isn’t on your doctor. Your doctor didn’t prescribe you heroine.  People get addicted to feeling lifted, and they seek out the next good lift, and some people are too busy working and making a life for themselves to have the time and money to go chasing drugs.

If this post doesn’t sound very empathetic, it is not supposed to.  I personally see the problems that drugs bring.  I see it on the parents that drive a really long ride to see their drug addict children.  I see it on the faces of the little children coming to visit their relatives, I hear it in their cries when they are taken from their mother and have to leave.  There is nothing on this planet that would keep me from my kids.  It certainly wouldn’t be a drain like drugs.  I fear for this country.  Ultimately the drugs will do us in.  There is no end in sight.


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