Work Ethics for Idiots


If there is anything that I have learned in my 28 years in the job force it is this: There are two types of workers.  Ones who work, and ones who don’t.  There is no in between, no “that person sorta works” In my current position, working in a jail, every post has to be filled.  So if an officer is out for any reason, we cover them, that is part of being DOC Family.  So if you have an emergency or you are sick, a good employee really appreciates the overtime that the others are putting in and are grateful for it.  But if you are an employee who likes to abuse your time off, then you suck.  For months as some officers have been out, we have been able to basically monitor their time off through social media.  We see lovely pics of newborns for the ones off on maternity leave.  Once in awhile a pic of an injury or hospital room when someone is sick.  These updates popping in your feed don’t bother you because you see they have a legitimate reason to be out of work.

Now let’s talk about the ones who have no fucks to give for those of us who are covering them.  Like the ones who are out for sore feet, posting pics of their trips to NYC, and other fancy places, some with many steps to climb, etc.  You suck.  You can’t walk a flat service because you sprained your ankle, but you can post pics of you walking NYC?  No respect for you.  Or how about the guy out with the hurt arm that is showing him with a compound bow hunting? Or the one with the arm problem taking a selfie carrying his newly shot dear?   Or the officer out on mental health but playing darts in a league every night throwing down beer?  How are we supposed to not be jerks to these members in our “DOC family” when they return?  How are we supposed to still respect them? How are we going to all work together at the end of this, when we are so tired that everyone is snapping on one another, when Supervisors are acting out of patience with us because they are tired too?  It isn’t fair. Yet we carry on.

I do not know what the answer to this problem is, tougher rules to get on disability?  Tougher people to handle their shit? Like I said, sometimes it is legit.  A lot of times it is not.  I think because our disability is pretty generous through our organization that people are happy to use it.  Who would not be happy to get paid full pay and still enjoy life in very little pain? Who would not want to be touring the country and get paid? The answer is the portion of us with an actual work ethic.  I have always kept myself busy, I have always wanted to contribute.  I have worked through a broken foot, multiple pulls and strains and 10 years of chronic pain that finally ended with my last of 7 stomach surgeries about 5 years ago.  And I work now too, 50-60 hours a week with a two hour commute every day.  Why? Because I love expensive shit. LOL  Take care everyone, stay safe.


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