The holy bible – a guide book to our ultimate demise?

I came across this meme today, in all of the posts regarding the current Orlando tragedy. (rip) As a general rule I do not post about current events. I feel like social media becomes innondated with wordy posts and tributes and videos etc etc. I make a conscious choice to avoid being “trending ”

But 50 lives have been lost. Families torn apart, children orphaned, parents losing children. Do we think of the pain and despair they must feel? No. All that you hear about is the shooter is Muslim – that’s all I’ve read about.  I won’t read about it again. I’ll do my best to avoid all of it and it will be everywhere, for awhile, until the next tragedy. Then the circle will go round.

So when I saw this meme I loved it until the end when I read “godless society.” I was raised in a dysfunctional horrible branch of Baptist. The kind that did awful things and then covered them up for each other. So I don’t worship a god per say as I just practice integrity and try to be the best I can possibly be, and raise my kids to do the same. Ultimately at the end of your life it’s who you were that matters,  not who you were around. The way that you treated people is important. So maybe people need a god to have that. if so I say whichever god you want.. let’s do it.

That was a long build up to my title of this blog, so here goes nothing.  If you are familiar with the Bible, in the book of Revelations it predicts events similar to what is happening now. Great weather changes and events, heinous crimes and evil people.  Hatred everywhere and greed dripping off every billboard we see, off every sign up at every single place and shit, even the ones that pop up on your phone and every other method you may use to communicate.

All of things are referred to in the Holy Bible where it says our world is going to end, people will rise from the dead. sinners cast in hell, holy people in heaven. Think about that for a moment or two. People who we could refer to as “sinners” are suffering and dying and our government is never going to be able to fix all of the broken people who have turned to drugs or others to deal with their addictions.  They’re in hell. The holy people – and by that I mean people that the public are looking towards for elections, are rich and happy and living in their own heaven here on earth. Yes I know they have problems too but just for the sake of argument lets say they do not….think about it. It refers to the antichrist being someone who people follow. There are some real brainiacs Getting behind all of these candidates, I’m not singling any one out, they’re all included. You guys running for election aren’t sporting Hyundai accents I feel certain..

So here is my thought; is this holy bible a prediction of things to come, an old magic fortune telling book , or was it a guidebook that helped to evolve this planet in to our current state of affairs. Can we change it, sadly I believe not. All we can do is be responsible for own actions, keep our families safe. Raise our children to be tough and independent.  There is a huge amount of satisfaction in knowing that you have positive people in your world, and that in the end you did the best that you could.


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