I don’t give a fuck who’s president


My opinion on government, politics in general, and how it will or will not affect my life:

Ok in the midst of this flurry of political campaigning, I have truly been giving it some thought. I have been giving our whole governmental system some thought and so here are my opinions, and if you don’t like them…well I don’t really care, I won’t fight over politics…ever….

First of all, the idea that every vote counts is indeed an interesting assumption, although not one that I really agree with anymore. I personally feel that our government system is so marred with people who have power and can do whatever they want, that even if we the people all cast our votes in the direction of someone that was not “desired in office” that they could stop that person. I 100% believe it.

Secondly, how does government affect me in my life, everyday? I have been giving that a lot of thought as well. I have come to the following conclusions. Government affects me by the amount of money that I pay in taxes, on all things. Ok. Fair enough. Government affects what is taught in my daughter’s school, ok, I am happy with my daughter’s schools. Government affects whether or not my kids get financial aid at college ( A flawed “BUSINESS” not assistance ). This one I can’t really complain about because I DID receive financial aid when I decided to go back to school at 32. I hope my kids will qualify, but I haven’t found out yet.

I suppose on a grand scale government affects a million other choices in my life, but these are the only ones that I can really put out there. I feel safe where I live, government has something to do with that, yet every time I see a Border patrol vehicle go by, I don’t thank the government in my head, I thank the driver of the vehicle. I am super happy that I don’t live in a world where people are blowing themselves up …wait, yes I do. But here is the thing….

I have come to the conclusion that my immediate life and family members are more on the forefront of my brain than who is gonna sit in the magic chair of the big white house and sign things and smile and nod, and entertain and make the covers of all the fashion magazines.

I have come to the conclusion that it doesn’t matter who I think should sit in that chair. I have come to the conclusion that it is a pre-set, pre-decided position, and all the positions under the President end up being a bunch of people who probably helped them get in that chair. Not necessarily the most qualified ones either. They parade around on TV and internet in this “race” that seems is really just a series of parties full of the sheep that have been gathered to follow these people around. These huge fund raisers to pay for fliers and buttons and signs to put in our yards to declare who our favorite body for that chair is. And when we watch CNN and see that half of the people who are supposed to be responsible for voting in our bills and laws do not even show up to vote most of the time, how are we supposed to be inspired to do so?

There have been times in the past the government has helped my family in the form of cost assisted health care through the state and WIC for my children. It doesn’t matter who I vote for; those programs are ever changing and are different state to state. I have witnessed in real life the inequality of government assistances, it’s a joke really, and generation upon generation being paid to sit and dream up illnesses in lieu of excuses not to work-another flawed system. But it doesn’t matter who is sitting in that chair it isn’t going to change the hundreds of years in history that this has been going on. It will not spring a new step in to a lazy multi-generational mooch. The person in that chair isn’t going to inspire a huge crusade for everyone to start being kind to one another. Which really COULD save us-just being kinder and more considerate. Having integrity and honesty.   Once man starts realizing they would achieve more together than apart then you have a crusade. Then you will have the change that everyone so desires. I have given up that a leader of this testicular or ovarian fortitude exists in a capacity that they would make any change at all. I no longer believe in “Change” for true change has to be across the entire board, not just a couple of people wanting to change but spending their time fighting with the ones who WONT.


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