Corrections, bullying and plagerized 

Hello to my two (?) followers out there. Lol…. I have been incredibly busy attending corrections academy. This has been an experience of mind fuckery, testosterone, and childish shit. This is the hardest thing I have ever done. The academy is run by a short little angry man. He doesn’t seem to like any of us. He can tell us to get fucked with a smile on his face. Out of the 10 people that have left since we started (December 28) he has told us that eight of them were our fault because we aren’t a supportive team. Thank god for Face Time with the family and kids although sometimes I can’t use it because it makes me wicked homesick. 

In the midst of me trying to finish the hardest thing that I have ever done, a poor freshman boy took his own life back home. He was part of the basketball team – the team manager. I can remember hearing through the grape vine that kids called him “water boy”. But this poor kid couldn’t face his inner demons anymore and this beautiful boy ended his pain.  The community is completely divided. Everyone is looking for someone to blame. So I shared an incredibly sincere and honest status, and it was brought to my attention that I was plagerized. You have to feel super sorry for someone that needs to take another’s very personal struggle, stamp their name on and post it as theirs. In light of everything, my message is still the same … STOP the fucking bullying! But I am still bent about it, my problem not anyone else’s.  So I decided to cut and paste that status here .. And continue my anti bullying message. So here goes nothing : this is MY message to the masses …..

A child at NCCS took his own life today. So I challenge you; ask yourself was there anything you would do differently? Then apply it to your future. Because now that child has none. And his family and friends now have to pick through the rubble, and try to survive without him.

Have you survived a family member’s suicide? Because I did, and it is hard, wait .. almost impossible to wrap your head around. It’s almost impossible to go on. If ANY of you kids or adults need to speak to someone, please tell me. I will help you. If any of you kids think that now you have to do this too, PLEASE see the bigger picture. Please know people love you. High school is only FOUR hard and shitty years. After that you have your whole life to choose the people and energy that you interact with; you have the power to have a beautiful life.
Having two teenage daughters myself, I have overheard the horrid things that kids do to other kids. The shit they say, the way they treat them. If the following shoe fits wear it ….stop being an asshole!!!! Stop singling out people because they’re different because you know what? Who wants to be the same as everyone else?? It doesn’t matter what clothes you wear, what your house looks like. True integrity is INSIDE of all of us, whether we choose to use it or not is completely on US!
He was a student, a brother, a friend, a son, a grandson, a nephew and a good kid, and probably a lot of other things too. And now he is gone. Could you have helped him ? RIP Corey.

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