I’ll be right back

Me “I feel horrible today, headache, nauseous almost a migraine it sucks.

You “oh”. (Looks at phone)

Me “I’m so hungry I really want to order some food, this is probably  why I feel so shitty”

You “oh”. (Looks at phone)

Me “I need to lie down and prefer a dark room”

You look at phone

Me- goes upstairs to lie down. Within five minutes am joined on queen size bed by roughly 500 lbs of dog, hubby and a who cares attitude

Me- I don’t want the dogs ass on my pillow; I want my head on my pillow

You-” I’ll just leave and take the dogs with me downstairs -screams at dogs to get down(helps headache incredibly)

Me-No I want to lie with you just not all four of us on the bed

You -looks at phone

Me- waits five full minutes then decides it won’t happen anyways /gets up to pee –

You – where are you going?

Me – I’ll be back, goes downstairs to pee, hears the laundry is stuck on cycle. Goes downstairs and does the thing that makes it work. Then sees no water in dog bowl. Rinses and Fills it. Then dog wants outside, leashes him and takes him out. Comes in, hears laundry spinning out, goes downstairs and switches it out. Then gets to pee. Goes back upstairs, bed covered again.

You … Laying on bed allComfy with one dog and plenty of room on pillow and bed …”I thought you were coming back” in shitty tone.

Me-repeats all things I just did while you were laying on your ass and phone.

You-act like an asshole who has been inconvenienced by some invisible thing. And then get up and leave the room.

Me ….. Seriously?

Groundhog Day, every day.


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