Please don’t stop.

Never stop loving a depressed woman. Today I cried a lot. I remember that around 4th grade I found it hard to hide my emotions and I cried a lot. The truth was I was holding two dark secrets in my heart, for the two people I loved the most, who continually betrayed that love and hurt me over and over. Dad liked to call it “the waterworks”. It wasn’t, it was my phisiological response to the darkness that was my childhood. Unfortunately some times the feelings build up and I can still get a good cry in, usually at the time I don’t want to.

So my advice to any one who may have the chore, burden and blessing of loving a broken, sad woman would be this:

Never stop showing that you love her, because chances are she doubts that anyone does. When she opens up her heart with the things that hurt it, take it seriously, and know that she was also struggling to let you know. So your idea that it is insignificant hurts too. If you ever get the awakening to see the changes that are made, and all the small tiny things she does out of consideration to you, acknowledge it. And if she asks you to make a tiny change because it hurts her, consider making that change. It’s a struggle for her to. 😢


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