5 K Day

So today is my 5K day. I’m not a 5k person. I just started walk / running about two years ago. And although I use the MapMyRun App, I am usually walking it, but I walk so fast it times like a run. I digress…

But I have this amazing friend who has made some big changes in his life. He stopped drinking and doing drugs. He married an amazing woman. He stopped smoking cigarettes, got on a nutrition plan, and lost like 25 lbs.

This friend of mine has this rough asshole exterior barely covering his soft squishy center (which is 25 lbs lighter! Lol) He and I are people that I would categorize or could be seen as “hard to love”, and I adore him. He works with my husband, and I adore his wife. She’s amazing, funny, creative and kind. I love them so much! The four of us really have a special friendship it’s awesome.

So when I was a full bottle of wine deep on FB and he tagged me in a fun local 5k I agreed. The next morning I had the drunk regret. I even told him all his good changes inspired me.

Today’s the day. The guys I am running with do 8-11 minute miles. I almost got that fast last summer, (11) I’m wicked nervous. I did a five k corporate cup challenge walk a few years ago, the closest to a race as I have been. It’s going to be cold. Wish me luck ☀️👍


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