One zombie fly

I’m in my room catching up on the DVR, enjoying the couple of minutes while the puppy has been placed against his will to take a damn nap. 5 am is early and I asked my daughter to take him out at 8 but she waited too long and boom! Pissed on the rug. Of course the rug. Not the linoleum. I’m gonna have to clean the carpets soon, as Yankee candle doesn’t have a scent called “covering dog piss”, maybe that’s something they should consider..,.hmm…Anyways as I sit here enjoying the quiet, there is this one zombie fly. It apparently has survived the several morning frost we have had and I must taste amazing or am just the right temp of warm – he won’t stop bothering me. Die zombie fly.

I have stuff to do today but it it cold and dreary and I am struggling..I hate this time of year. You rarely see the pretty leaves, even though they are there … In a pile…needing to be placed in the trash bags….it’s mostly grey, beautiful days here on the lake are clear for miles with beautiful views. Dreary is just that, friggin dreary. So my wish for you is that you see the sun today ☀️get out there and spread it everywhere, and I will try and do the same. Deal? 👍


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