Snow, brats and puppies


Actual conversation over heard in my house today: 

Daughter 1-why is there water all over the bathroom? 

Daughter 2-because I was hot on the toilet.

Daughter 1-that doesn’t make sense why is there water everywhere

 Daughter 2-it’s cuz of my period. I got hot on the toilet and splashed water on my face, leave me alone

Daughter 1-then clean the friggin water up 

What.the.fuck. Lol (I did later discover the heat being on probably had something to do with it )
Everyone kept saying that today it would snow. Fuck you Frosty, how did I just mow my grass and now I have to think about the hubby’s demand for a snowblower this year. Is that a good birthday present? Any way it’s spitting snow outside, I hate it. Maybe I lived in Hawaii in my previous life!

Today is homecoming for my two daughters, age 15 & 17. In about three hours this house will be covered in hairspray, glitter and makeup. Probably some tears too. I’m looking forward to my wine already. It’s going to be nuts but thank goodness I have a puppy! Have an amazing day ☀️


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