So last year I considered de activating my facebook. I had an in law who was constantly posting stuff that I knew was untrue – because I lived it with her. Her constant finger pointing and blame gaming left me feeling aggravated; one of those chew on your fingers until they bleed kind of moments ….when you so want to embarass them in front of their ignorant audience of however many people would tune in and feel that satisfaction of yes! Your bullshit is exposed ! 

I find I am here again. A couple that I am so very close to that they are MY family is going through a split up. The relationship was ruined by ONE SLUT, and one weak man. It’s amazing to me and I guess I remind myself how loyal my man is because to see someone decimate their entire being for a piece of ass that will grow bored of him soon is almost too much for me to bear. I never actually realized how much I loved them, how I thought they would survive anything, the ultimate of love and respect I had for the two of them (and once had for the slut) until she told me and I sobbed. I mean I cried hard. I felt her pain. I felt her obliviousness at what comes next. I was angered at the guilty laid on her shoulders that she didn’t see it because the slut was within our circle. 

Now all three people are on my facebook. I am witnessing the passive aggression, and even got called out about a simple, beautiful encouraging post that I put on my devastated friends wall. I have been bullied online, I’ve been shunned, I have been insulted, complimented and also shamed by the web.   I have also rekindled and reconnected and re-loved many people who had escaped my life. If we go back to the times when a phone call (voice) or a visit connects you with your friends and loved ones, do you gain or lose everything regarding your social life. I’m not sure. I’m also not sure if it matters! 😨



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