Black hole sun

  Today inspite of the intermittent sunny spots it seems I carried a cloud over me ! First thing up and Adam bright eyed and cloudy tailed with my overindulgence of FIVE hours of sleep – time to be a human, hit the roads for errands and pay some bills. 

First thing, hop online to verify that presumed payroll is there, check. Balance is close to mine, good. ️Pay the two big bills boom. Getting ready for outside chores hubby has not moved off bed, very intrigued with whatever game he is currently running the data up on…me to him you ready? Long story short debate ensued and I calmly with smoke rolling out of the ears prepare for him to be ready.

First stop stewarts. We are out of gas and momma needs water and granola stat (my coffee) me to hubby get 20 gas on the card, I enter store gab my two second mission and stand behind two very creepy looking guys who had clearly creeped out the old lady behind the counter with his tales of her beautiful gold cross necklace and what he would do if he ever found the SOB who stole his -what? Finally it’s my turn after pleasantries I pay and leave, next stop pharmacy to pick up said estrogen that I had decided to cold turkey off and found it is not a very good idea if I want to stay out of jail. After long discussion wih pharmacy regarding my kids antibiotic I am back in car. Drive 1/4 mile and get pulled over … Hastily by the state police, fuck. Seatbelt ? Check. Speeding, no? What? The trooper emerged from his car looking like a super hero. Tall dark and handsome he closes my gas cap on the way to my window where I say cheerfully “hi how are you ?” Smirking he says …. Did you forget to pay for your gas? Hubby says that’s when my face went from nervous to”mad at him”. And i unleashed some comments that made the Statie laugh, and say “don’t make me come back for a domestic”   at which time my husband says it would be him calling…. So many more fucked up things happened today, but I have survived .. And it’s almost tomorrow and I may continue my black cloud story tomorrow because it lasted until 4- lol im driving very slow ha ha word. Take that black cloud 



  1. I’m dying! :’) Hysterical – and something that would SO happen to ME! Bahahahahahahahaha! Aw, I hope the day gets better, sweetie – only up from there, right?


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