Teens suck

When I first got pregnant, all I wanted was a boy. I was 100% positive of it, meditated about it, wished on fucking stars. What did I get? 2 girls. Not just your typical girls, I got 2 mixed with DNA that does NOT really include sugar and spice and everything nice. When we found out I was having a girl, I said she will not be weak. Guess what I ended up with? A 15 & 17 year old knockout blonde bombshells with huge blue eyes and attitude. They definitely got the bitch in mommy. For about 2 months now, every single fucking day there are tears in this house. The reasons include but are not limited to: dropping a bagel in the dogs water dish, not being able to find a shoe, jealousy over class trips, fighting over clothes, greys anatomy, a couple of random books, facebook, Instagram, snapchat, boyfriends, lack of boyfriends, some YouTube videos, drama at drama club (ironic), cheerleaders, cheerleaders ️moms (gr crazy as fuckin dance moms man), and today….a boy said to her friends is one of them pregnant. She’s a size 3 and practically convulsing for a half hour because it was said and because her boyfriend didn’t stick up for her (found out later that he did)

 At this point, I am ready to replace my identity in some random warm place where I will be called some sort of exotic name like Nancy and ware away the rest of my days broke (since I already am) and pretending not to speak English.
The struggle is fucking real. 



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